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Whole House Filters

Below is a chart depicting the different types of filters we offer. The colored droplets represent each filter's effectiveness at removing the different water issues described in the top row (3 colored droplets represents high effectiveness, while no colored droplets means the filter is not effective at providing the corresponding type of filtration). You'll notice most filters are specific in terms of the problems they address; this is why we often install 'systems' consisting of a combination of filters. Check out the COMMON WATER ISSUES page to learn about the causes and effects of each problem.


Filter Type Materials Used Sediment Removal pH Correction Hardness Removal Contaminant Removal Metal Removal Taste & Odor Removal Microbe Removal
Neutralizer Calcium & Magnesium
Softener Cation Exchange Resin & Solar Salt
Carbon Filter Coconut Shell Carbon
Reverse Osmosis* Filter Cartriges & RO Membrane
Iron/Sulfur Filter Aeration OR Chemicals
Sediment Filter Sand/Gravel
pH Correction Chemical Feed Liquid/Powdered Chemicals
Anti-Microbial Chemical Feed Chlorine
UV System Ultraviolet Pressure Vessels

*Reverse Osmosis is most often used for drinking water applications, but has been included here to demonstrate its extreme effectiveness at water purification

…Plus Many More

With more than 35 years of water filtration experience under our belts, Mermaid is equipped to solve ANY of your water treatment needs, including tannin and nitrate removal. The filters shown above are simply our most common applications, however our services can be specialized to fit your water problems, no matter how specific or complex they may be.

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